Now More Than Ever,

Experience Counts

My name is Irv Slosberg and I am a Democrat running for Florida Senate District 29.

I served you in the Florida House of Representatives for 12 years and my main priority has always been public safety. I have successfully passed legislation and brought in millions of dollars in funding to help eliminate the epidemic of Dangerous and Distracted driving that claims thousands of lives yearly.

During my tenure in public office, I have provided strong leadership while staying true to all my campaign promises. Now I am compelled to serve you again.

If you know me, you know that my family has been through tremendous tragedy. My call to public service began after my daughter, Dori, was tragically killed in a preventable car accident. Now is a time when experience counts, we need to elect a Senator that represents and protects us in Tallahassee. We need a proven leader that ensures your family is safe and will not have to suffer loss and pain that can and should be prevented.

Public safety has always been my #1 priority. I am the only candidate in this race who has a track record of passing legislation and appropriations to make our community safer. I have served six terms in the Florida House of Representatives and we need someone with the experience and track record of delivering actual, real results.

Furthermore, during the time I have not been in office, I have been putting my money, time, and energy into Dori Saves Lives. We have been proactive in creating and contributing resources towards traveling safer during the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Safety Is

Irv's Top Priority

Irv has a long history of protecting the public

Irv is a defender of public safety and is the only candidate in the race who is proactively fighting the spread of COVID-19. As chairman of the Dori Saves Lives Foundation I have been working on public safety issues for over 20 years and I am ready to bring my experience and expertise to help contain the current public safety threat

Irv Gets An “F”

From the NRA

Irv is the candidate the NRA does NOT want to win!

Senate District 29 has been deeply affected by Florida’s lack of gun control laws. I have always been a proponent of strengthening gun control laws in Florida and I received an F from the NRA every year I was in office! I promise that I will continue to fight for:

-Banning assault rifles
-Universal background checks
-Banning open carry in schools and colleges
-Stricter regulations for gun shows

Irv Voted NO To Open Carry and Stand Your Ground Laws

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P.B.C. Mayor Dave Kerner

Endorses Irv

Mayor Kerner wants to Let Irv Serve

“As a former police office and prosecutor, I can attest that Irv was tough on crime and was a tireless advocate for his constituents. Irv left a lasting mark in the legislature by fighting for stringer traffic laws and the safety of all Floridians. I am proud to call Irv my mentor and give him my endorsement for District 29.”

Irv Has Served Before

Let Him Serve Again

A proven, focused leader. A champion of Democratic values.

Being a leader is nothing new to Irv. For over 12 years, Irv held a position in the Florida House of Representatives. Irv currently serves as the executive V.P. of one of the largest Democrat clubs in Florida, the Kings Point Democratic Club, where he continuously upholds Democratic values.

Elect Irv to Florida District 29 on August 18th so he can serve you once more!

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Dedicated to Protecting

The Environment

Irv is endorsed by The Everglades Trust

Irv has a long history of being an environmentalist. His top priorities include protecting the Everglades, cleaner drinking water and eliminating causes of global warming.

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